Frequently Asked Questions

These are commonly asked questions about ZoweeTV with short summary answers. You should consult the ZoweeTV agreements as well as other documents for more indepth information

  • Why should I publish on ZoweeTV?
  • Why should I publish on ZoweeTV?
  • What rights do I need?
  • How do I make money?
  • What is the pricing structure?
  • How does ZoweeTV make money?
  • Why would people watch ZoweeTV?
  • What about advertising?
  • What kind of content do you accept?
  • What about live productions?
  • How do people find my production?
  • How do I make my production successful?
  • How do I get started?
  • What information do I need?
  • What image sizes do I need?
  • What video format do I need?
  • Where can my production be watched?
  • What about languages and subtitles?
  • What if I already have distribution?
  • What type of license am I agreeing to?
  • How do I get paid?
  • Are the agreements modifiable?
  • Can the talent manage their profile?
  • I have more questions

Why should I publish on ZoweeTV?

ZoweeTV wants to help you make your productions more successful and to help you make money. It is designed to allow you to maximize the value of your productions and to maximize your revenue by putting the control of the television and movie watching experience where it belongs. Content owners control distribution; consumers control consumption

You set the price you want, specify the regions your products are available in, and how it is presented to the viewer audiences. The consumer decides what they want to watch, where they want to watch it, and when they want to watch it.

What rights do I need?

You need the rights to digitally stream your productions (and the right to assign those rights for our use) for the regions you publish to. If you are the owner of a production, you should already have these. We recommend you consult your legal council for formal guidance.

How do I make money?

Every time someone adds your production to their library, you will be credited the amount listed as "paid" (which you set in the regions and prices section) at the time of purchase.

What is the pricing structure?

ZoweeTV is a purchase-pay system, similar to a consumer walking into a store and purchasing the DVD. Once they've added a production to their library, it is theirs to watch over and over.

A rental option is also available on ZoweeTV, should you wish to enable it. It will allow a viewer to watch a production within 7 days of renting it. You are able to set a different price point for a rental.

Channels and a full subscription model will be launched early next year. Watch for details in the upcoming months.

How does ZoweeTV make money?

We add a small fee to the price you want to be paid for your production. The total is the price presented to the consumer.

This fee is relatively small, to cover the cost of infrastructure and bandwidth to deliver your production to the consumer. We will continue to strive to make this cost as small as possible, to maximize the revenue to you.

Think of ZoweeTV like Fed-Ex for content delivery.

Why would people watch ZoweeTV?

ZoweeTV is designed to provide the best viewing experience to the largest audience possible...the world. As we grow, by giving the viewer the widest possible choices, on the most possbible platforms we will give them the largest viewing selection in the world.

Plus, you can promote your production directly to your audience, knowing that you are being paid by their support. Dedicated fan bases will keep your production funded without ever worrying about being "cancelled".

Most importantly, people do not pay for things they do not want, and the things they pay for help directly fund the things they love to watch.

What about advertising?

At this time there is no advertising on ZoweeTV, however we are completing a full ad insertion model that will allow consumers to choose to watch your production with ads. With our model, when they opt-in for ads we reduce the price they pay for your production based on the revenue generated by the ad. The more ads they watch, the less they pay. Or they can choose to watch ad-free and pay the amount you specified.

Either way you make the same revenue but the consumer retains control and has the option to save some money.

What kind of content do you accept?

We accept virtually any broadcast or theatrical quality production in any genre or of any content type, as long as it is generally considered a commercial "art-form". We do not accept YouTube type productions, 'cat videos' or the like.

In general, if your production ever was, or dreamed of being, in a movie theater or on broadcast televison, ZoweeTV is probably right for you. Optionally, if you are a vertical market production (ie: a corporate training video, university credit lecture, etc) you would likely qualify as a private use production. Contact us for more details.

What about live productions?

ZoweeTV will be introducing many new and exciting features later in the year, including support for live productions such as concerts, sports events, news and more.

How do people find my production?

There are several mechanisms to get your production noticed, however the most exciting is the integrated, television-centric social network within ZoweeTV. Based on viewer models, community connections and watch patterns, fan followers and recommendations, ZoweeTV's recommendation engine promotes your productions to those people most likely to watch them. Additionally we give you remarkable insight into how your productions are being percieved.

In addition to the social network, ZoweeTV links productions together via the cast, crew, and executive that make a production possible. These connection enable people to find your productions organically, through the talent you engaged to bring it to life.

We encourage you to engage your existing audiences in Facebook, Twitter, etc and promote your placement on ZoweeTV. This increases your reach and maximizes the viewership for your productions.

What is linking?

Linking is a process that goes on behind the scenes in the ZoweeTV system to connect productions and people together. For example, if someone were watching the movie Oceans Eleven and recognized they guy playing Danny Ocean they think "I know that guy from somewhere". They could simply call up INFO, select CAST and scroll to Danny's character. There they would see he is played by George Clooney. They can select George's name and see his bio and productions and from there are LINKED TO to the movie "Return of the Killer Tomatoes" where he played the part of Matt Stevens.

These connections happen organically inside ZoweeTV and help people find your productions.

How do I make my production successful?

The most successful productions are rich in visual and descriptive information, with a large number of cast and crew described to ensure there are lots of links to your production (remember: the caterer is a part of your crew)

After your productions goes live, you should monitor your reports and recommendations and make any adjustments necessary to maximize the performance of your products. Within the Consumer portal itself, you should respond to and address any concerns people may have communicated in the community.

Remember not to price yourself out of the market. Set your price to grow your audience, based on what the public will pay, not what you'd like to earn.

In addition to activities inside ZoweeTV, we highly recommend you actively promote your productions externally, thru your social media and real-world connections. Encourage your cast and crew to reach out to their communities as well.

How do I get started?

The first step is to sign up. Upon doing so, you will be granted immediate access to the content portal and can begin uploading your production information. However, you will not be able to publish anything until we have confirmed and APPROVED the information you submitted at signup, and you have accepted all of the required agreements.

The next step will be to gather the information necessary to publish your production. Remember - this is your product so the better you make it look to the consumer, the more successful you will be.

What information do I need?

ZoweeTV is very visual and is driven by the content you provide. The more enriching your presentation, the more success you will have. To create this rich environment, we recommend you have all the information about the production and as many of the roles, cast, crew and executive as possible.

Some of the content elements are optional, but the more you have (especially banners and rich bios) the greater your appeal to the consumer.

All productions will need:

  • Banner Image
  • Poster Image
  • Production name
  • Genre
  • Classification
  • Description
  • Release Date
  • Activation Date
  • Synopsis (short 1-2 liner)
  • Production video
  • Trailer video (optional)
  • For each role in your production, you will need:

  • Banner Image (optional)
  • Poster Image
  • Full name
  • Date of Birth (optional)
  • Date of Death (optional)
  • Bio

We require at least one of each of the cast, crew and executive however to ensure you have as many links to your production as possible, we recommend you have as many as you possibly can.

For each cast, crew and executive member you will need:

  • Banner Image (optional)
  • Poster Image
  • Full name
  • Date of Birth (optional)
  • Date of Death (optional)
  • Bio

In addition, televison series are typically made up of the series itself, plus it's seasons and episodes. For each of these, in addition to the above, you will also need:

  • Season number (for seasons)
  • Episode number (for episodes)

What image sizes do I need?

There are basically 5 different images sizes you need. You must provide the minimal image size, however we recommend you provide images 2-4x times larger than the minimum size and we will scale them accordingly.

  • Banner - 540x960 (16:9)
  • Movie Poster - 475x316 (3:2)
  • TV Poster - 178x316 (16:9)
  • Heashot - 206x147 (5:7)
  • Role Poster - 178x316 (16:9)
  • Music Poster - 316 x 316 (1:1)

What video format do I need?

We recommend the highest quality video you have and we will convert it to the necessary formats used in the system.

While we do not have 4K playback today, we expect it to be available with the launch of support for Smart TVs. If you send us product in 4K resolution, you will not need to re-upload anything when we introduce it.

If possible, we prefer ProRes 422HQ in the highest resolution you have. This is not practical for many producers so we recommend the highest quality H.264 version you have.

All productions released in the last 7 years should have a size and resolution no less than 1080p (although 720p may be accepted for television). Many older productions are far less (ie: 480i) and we understand this. If there are resolutions higher than what you submit generally available, we may reject the video for quality reasons.

How does my production become available?

After you have entered all the necessary information, the publish button at the top of the production page will be enabled. Simply click it to submit your production for review.

If you meet all the criteria (quality images and accurate, engaging information) ZoweeTV personnel will enable the production for viewers to watch (on the activation date you specified)

Where can my production be watched?

ZoweeTV is available in virtually every country on Earth, by anyone with a reasonably good internet connection.

Your productions can be watched on computers and mobile devices immediately upon launch of the public site. Testing on the Samsung line of Smart Televisions and Blu-Ray players is underway and will quickly follow. Support for LG, Sony and other brands of Smart TVs (and BluRays) will be introduced in the fall, with set-top boxes, game systems, and streaming stick support coming later in the year.

What about languages and subtitles?

We do not support subtitles at this time, however we encourage you to include as many subtitles and languages as you have. ZoweeTV will be introducing global language support early in the upcoming year. Productions with multiple languages supported may be selected and highlighted for any sneak-peek we offer.

What if I already have distribution?

In many cases the distribution agreement you have may not include digital streaming rights. Or, the existing agreements may only cover a specific region (ie: United States). ZoweeTV lets you block out any regions to which you have already assigned rights, and permits you to earn revenue from those areas not currently enjoying your productions. We recommend you discuss any concerns you have with your legal council.

What type of license am I agreeing to?

With ZoweeTV you don't have to give up a licence. You must have the rights to grant digital streaming permission to ZoweeTV and beyond that, you are completely in control of your production. With some conditions, you can remove your productions at any time (although we don't see why you'd want to).

How do I get paid?

Details of the payment mechanism are outlined in the ZoweeTV Content Provider Service Agreement. In broad strokes, after your account balance exceeds $100 you can request a payout and we send you a check (after a brief waiting period for fraud prevention). We are in the process of implementing other means of electronic transfer, expected to be available later in the year.

Are the agreements modifiable?

As a general policy no they are not however they may be updated from time to time. If you have a recommendation for a change please feel free to contact us with your suggestion.

Can the talent manage their profile?

At this time, we recommend that the performers, crew members and production executive work with the content providers to manage their profiles. Later in the year we expect to bring the full capabiltiy for these people and their agents to manage their profiles directly.

That's a lot! Anything else?

There are many more new and exciting features on the ZoweeTV release schedule. Stay tuned for updates and announcements.

I have more questions

We welcome your questions and ideas. Please visit our contact page for the best way to reach us.