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What is ZoweeTV

A monitization platform for broadcast/theatrical quality productions

ZoweeTV is a self directed platform that lets you generate revenue distributing directly to the consumer audience, without the complexities of 'going online' or setting up your own service.

The cost of the production is set by you with ZoweeTV analytics helping guide you to optimize for audience growth, maximized revenue, or a combination of both. You keep 100% of the price you set, with ZoweeTV adding a few pennies to cover the cost of delivery.

No need to give the bulk of your product's value to middle-men and you don't have to give up a license.

A tight data mesh interlinks productions, performers, cast, crew, executives, fans and followers which provides a natural means for consumers to find your productions.

Consumption metrics and experience use models couple with tight social media integration to get you to the people most likely to become viewers, fans and followers themselves.

This all weaves together to create an immersive user experience that showcases your productions to maximize revenues and user engagement.

ZoweeTV is a modern model for television via the web.

Be everywhere,
TV to Mobile

A real TV experience
Not a web video experience

ZoweeTV takes a modernized televison experience and presents it harmoniously across smartphones, tablets, smart televisions and blu-ray players, and personal computers. And, later in 2018 ZoweeTV will also be available on game platforms, set-top boxes and streaming sticks.

Maximize revenue

Realize more value from your catalog

ZoweeTV understands that your catalog is your asset, and you should realize the maximum value of that asset. ZoweeTV allows you to set the price you want for your productions and you get 100% of that amount. ZoweeTV adds a small fee to cover the cost of delivery.

Think of ZoweeTV as the FedEx of content delivery.

You can promote a series by releasing early episodes for free (or nearly free) with the latest at a higher value. Live events have more worth than the replay and can be priced accordingly. It is completely at your descretion.

Consumers engage with ZoweeTV because they receive the best television shows, movies and live events, tuned to them. They are not inundated with ads, they don't have to contend with noise, and they get exactly what they want.

People tend to watch productions their friends like, and they tend to watch productions with very similar themes, genres, or performers. By creating connections between productions, casts and crews, and viewers ZoweeTV creates a 'digital watercooler' effect where first person connections are made, maximizing your reach.

When you use ZoweeTV to direct consumers to your productions thru your social networking and other marketing activities, you aggregate viewers and turn browsing into revenue.

This adds up to a system that maximizes your revenue and audience growth while delivering the optimium user experience.

A Few Key Points

Convert digital pennies back into dollars

Truly global television

Theatrical/broadcast quality distribution

With the ability to reach people in over 150 countries ZoweeTV allows you to aggregate pockets of viewers from around the globe into a large sustainable audience.

Controlled by you

Don't give up control of your catalog

You provide the visuals and metadata for your production, you set the price, and you publish it to the network. Then you opt to go global or limit the availability to the regions you specify.

Analytics that drive distribution

See how the world experiences your productions

ZoweeTV's proprietary analytics let you know exactly if you're reaching people, the rate of conversion, and the uptake. ZoweeTV then suggests how to increase your revenue and audience to meet your goals.

Revenue and growth

Get maximum value from your productions

Set the price you expect for your productions, and publish them. You don't pay any fees to put your catalog on the system and you don't give up a license. And, you get the full amount you set.

Ready to begin

Start uploading your productions